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Accurately Sized and Finished Timbers for Timber Frame Construction

Timber framers, barn builders and other structural fabricators save time and money with our custom sized timbers, delivered finish planed from the mill.  Our timber sizer produces beautifully finished and accurately sized timbers, posts and beams, ready to be cut and joined. It can plane all four sides of a 16" x 24" x unlimited length timber in a single pass. Accurate to within 1/16 inch, some of our customers specify their timbers a 1/16 inch oversized, and then plane the remainder off themselves after their work is complete in order to remove any pencil marks, dirt, dings etc.

Originally manufactured in 1917 by the Stetson-Ross company, our timber sizer was once used to plane beams for U.S. Navy ships. We acquired this timber sizer from W.D. Cowls in 2010 and have completely refurbished it to meet the exacting specifications of our timber frame customers.



Stetson-Ross timber sizer and planer.


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